I'd like to fall asleep with you.
"Mi viene il panico a pensare che se non ci fossi tu sarei un'altra persona perché io non voglio essere un'altra persona, io voglio essere la persona che sono, ossia la tua e basta."
hands. backs. mole. freckles. hair. white. red. black. gray. green water. emerald green. lilac. milk and mint. chocolate milk. toast. jam. tea. french fries. pizza. chicken nuggets. cocktail sauce. estathè. ice cream. cereals. milkshakes. cupcakes. pancakes. poptarts. supermarkets. children. shoes. skinny. cardigan. t-shirts. flakes. rings. bracelets. memories. enamels. scarves. bikini. bags. peluches. letters. pc. books. films. cinema. tv series. photography. writing. libraries. music. headphones. poster. piano. guitar. manga. anime. bento box. cosplay. pencils. markers. secret diaries. names. twins. pregnancy. weddings. airplanes. clouds. rain. snow. trains. travels. hotels. camper. caravan. London. England. Montreux. Japan. America. languages​​. laughter. hearts. concerts. heartbeats. breaths. hugs. infinity. piercings. tattoos. love. paranoia. anxiety. melancholy. illusions. sincerity. instability. obsessions. respect. dreams. pillows. sleeping. slippers. september. singing. sea​​. pools. lakes. boats. headlights. fireplaces. swings. candles. sunflowers. fimo. dogs. wolves. polar bears. panda. killer whales. elephants. werewolves. vampires. lycanthropes. fears. friendships. sms. gifts. Christmas. art. museums. promises. countdown. him.

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110 notes "La solitudine cresce; ché la sua crescita è dolorosa come la crescita dei fanciulli e triste come l’inizio delle primavere. Ma questo non vi deve sviare. Questo solo è che abbisogna: solitudine, grande intima solitudine. Penetrare in se stessi e per ore non incontrare nessuno, -questo si deve poter raggiungere." — Rainer Maria Rilke, “Lettere a un giovane poeta”. (via atelophobiadelirium)

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32 notes "I privilegi della bellezza sono immensi. Essa agisce anche su coloro che non la constatano." — I ragazzi terribili, Jean Cocteau (via inutrimentiterrestri)
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What’s Hugh Dancy’s DEAL what does he do does he eat sunshine does he condition his hair with butterfly milk does he bathe in virgin’s blood can the science side of tumblr explain to me why this 39 year old man is prettier than me

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